Here are some of the projects I have made or worked on in the past few years. Check out my GitHub for more.

Terracotta AI

Terracotta is a platform for fine-tuning and evaluating large language models. With Terracotta, we make iterating on the LLM workflow quick and easy. Here are a few features that we have:

  • Training: Users can upload a dataset and fine-tune different LLMs provided by OpenAI within minutes using our training dashboard.
  • Qualitative evaluation: A playground for qualitatively comparing base models vs. fine-tuned models from OpenAI and Cohere.
  • Quantitative evaluation: An evaluation tool that lets you run inference on a dataset with any model with a few clicks, and compare several models across different NLP metrics of your choice. We calculate relevant metrics depending on what kind of task you want to do.


Lifta is a free iOS app to track your lifting progress over time and display analytics about it. With Lifta, you can:

  • Record workouts when you go to the gym
  • See your past workouts
  • See graphs of specific workouts and sets/reps over time
  • Track total volume over time
  • Edit previous workouts
  • Share workouts with the larger community

H-2A Vision

H-2A Vision is a free tool for easily finding information about H-2A violations. This website can be used by people looking for H-2A work who want to search potential employers. This website can also be used people researching H-2A. The data is from the US Department of Labor Wage and Hour Division.

Class projects

Solar physics research