Advancements in artificial intelligence and language models have made significant impacts in various fields from healthcare to finance to entertainment. Here are 50 practical applications of AI that are currently in use or have the potential to be implemented in various industries. Let me know if any of these ideas inspire you or if you build any of them!

Text Analysis

  1. Automatically generate outlines or summaries of news articles.
  2. Find fake news and provide a citation with the real source.
  3. Determine the political affiliation and bias of a news article.
  4. Generate better captions/subtitles for shows translated from foreign languages.
  5. Generate lyrics for songs based on a topic and song structure.
  6. Generate summary of court opinions or court transcripts to understand legal proceedings better.
  7. Annotate legal documents for specific clauses (
  8. Find similar academic papers to an input prompt.
  9. Generate lyric annotations (like Genius) automatically by using information on the internet.
  10. Better Google search suggestions with language models.
  11. Generate personalized poems for someone.

AI Assistance

  1. Generate code from comments or pseudocode.
  2. Translate code from one coding language to another.
  3. Generate automatic email reply suggestions based on your writing style.
  4. Generate a cover letter based on your resume and the company website you are applying for.
  5. Suggest edits to a paper like Grammarly.
  6. Automatically generate simple math questions (for example arithmetic word problems).
  7. Automatically grade essays or automatically grade the ACT/SAT writing section.
  8. Suggest next workout based on previous workouts and goals.
  9. For doctors, given a patient, find similar patients and summarize their diagnoses in order to help diagnose the patient.
  10. Generate slogan based on product description.
  11. Generate Latex notes from a transcript of a lecture.
  12. Generate presentation slides based on a paper.
  13. Write an abstract for an academic paper given the rest of the paper.
  14. Do a command on a browser given text input for example: “buy a plane ticket on United from SFO to ORD.”
  15. Autocomplete sentences in Google docs using AI.

Travel and Leisure

  1. Generate travel itinerary based on user preferences.
  2. Generate meal plans based on caloric goals and food preferences.
  3. Suggest outfits to wear based on a user’s fashion preferences.
  4. Suggest meals based on ingredients someone has in their kitchen.
  5. Generate sports game commentary based on context of what’s happening in the game.
  6. Generate a text-based game with AI that has infinite possibilities.
  7. Automatically generate responses for video game characters using AI.


  1. Grade a student’s work with a picture of the student’s assignment and a picture of the answer key.
  2. Improve accessibility on the web by automatically generating captions for images.
  3. Convert handwritten text from an image to digital text.
  4. Diagnose medical conditions by analyzing medical images.
  5. Generate images for advertising campaigns based on existing images.
  6. Create design assets in Figma based on text ideas and pictures.
  7. Count the number of cars or buildings in satellite images.


  1. Generate a transcript by lip-reading a video.
  2. Create annotations for key events in a video.
  3. Detect and label important objects in video footage.
  4. Generate a Tinder profile based on someone’s Instagram profile.
  5. Increase the frame rate of animation by generating extra frames.


  1. Generate lyrics from audio.
  2. Given audio and the lyrics, output the timestamp of each lyric.
  3. Transcribe speech from audio.
  4. Generate sheet music or MIDI from audio.
  5. Critique a song by analyzing its musical elements and style given audio.